Terms and Conditions

I acknowledge and agree

  • By entering my username and password on the Spectrum log in screen
  • Or by using any links in MyApps or any shortcuts or bookmarks to those links to access Spectrum
  • I have been authorized to gain access to Alorica's Spectrum Workforce Management system.
  • My access and usage may be monitored and logged, and any such monitoring information may be shared with any 3rd party in compliance with Privacy Laws and Regulation.
  • I will take no action to harm Alorica, its clients, suppliers, or others, nor gain unauthorized access to any information of Alorica, its clients, suppliers, or others.
  • Alorica reserves the right to deny use or access in its sole discretion and without notice. By continuing, I represent that I am an authorized user,
    and expressly consent and agree to the forgoing.
  • Please be advised that all available functions in the Spectrum Scheduling Application can be done during paid time while at work.
    Any access to the Spectrum system outside of work displays acknowledgment that any such time is non-compensable and done solely for the employee?s convenience.